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  1. Rigid Heddle weaving
  2. Threading heddles
  3. My friend loves purple
  4. Echo and Iris warp
  5. Hand dyed warp
  6. Sampler study
  7. Workshop
  8. AVL weaving
  9. AVL 16H
I have four looms in my studio, each for a different size and complexity of weaving
Weaving is very labor intensive!  I do all my own work, from design and fiber selection through the complete finishing of the piece.  Here you see me threading heddles to prepare a warp for weaving. 

I love to teach hand weaving and have done so through the Arts Centre of Plano, SMU Theatre Arts, SMU Cape, and the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.    I also give private lessons in my home studio.   I am committed to teaching children and people with disabilities how to weave.

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I am happily into my third career---as a hand weaver!  I have been a clinical psychologist and an ordained minister for most of the past thirty five years but have always loved art, crafting, sewing, and creating beautiful things.  I stumbled upon weaving at a retreat center, Holden Village, eight years ago and my passion for it was immediate. 

Today my days are filled with weaving, yoga, teaching part time at Southern Methodist University, and traveling with my weaving tolerant husband.  We have three young adult children.  Mermer handwovens was named after one of their nicknames for me ("Mermer") and it was born because friends and loved ones simply had more handwoven items than they needed!