current gallery showings

Meadows Museum                             Dallas, Texas Shop                                                      

I was excited to show Anne's work as soon as she brought it into the Museum Shop.  She demonstrates a level of creativity and craftsmanship that is difficult to find. 

---Barbara, Buyer

MakersConnect                                    Dallas, Texas

"Anne's woven works are truly a delight.  We are so lucky she chose to share her work with our little shop.  Anyone who has had any background in weaving especially marvels at the consistency of her pieces, and the quality of the fibers she uses makes them a joy to touch and snuggle.  I often find myself taking them off the hangers and saying "you have to feel this!" 
---Chris Unruh, Owner


Mooncat Fibers                           Taos, New Mexico

I am pleased to be showing mermer handwovens in my fiber shop in Taos, New Mexico.  Anne's work has been well received and it has moved quickly in our area where people really appreciate the quality and creativity reflected in her designs. 
I look forward to seeing what Anne will be sending me next!

---Cathy, Owner

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