begin with an idea

begin with a favorite color, photo, or piece of art. . .
imagine colors and textures
don't worry about form and function just yet. . .
mermer handwovens will help you fulfill your imagination

design and fiber choice

This is where the work gets fun!   Any size you desire--- fiber choices are varied and vast. . . what is your preferred style?  In what season will you be using your handwoven piece?  
I will take all the time needed to ensure your complete satisfaction. 
Now is the time to think form and function!
fiber options
design options
There are literally thousands of weave structures possible on multiple harness looms.  Once we discuss your style preferences, dimensions and yarn, I will select a few for you to choose from.  I can send photos of similar work and also photos of the actual planned weave structure. 
I purchase yarn from many different manufacturers.  I can locate just about any type of yarn you desire, and I will help guide you to the best yarn choices for the kind of look and feel you want. 
Yarn samples can be sent to you for your approval if requested.  Hand dyed yarns are another intriguing and unique possibility.

measuring, warping and weaving

After the design choices are agreed upon, I will order your yarn and begin work on your project.  I will give you a realistic time line and complete your unique artwork within that time frame.  Depending on what is already on my looms, expect anywhere from two weeks to two months lead time after the design particulars are set.
50% of the agreed upon fee is due at this point in the process.

finishing and ready for you

We will have already chosen how you would like your piece to be finished (hemmed, braided fringes, fulled, beaded work).  The final step in all handweaving is "wet finishing" in which the piece is carefully washed, dried, and pressed. 
Your handwoven art will be mailed to you via USPS along with care instructions and a certificate of authenticity.